2017-09-24 Recovery Day 202

As Dianne says lately, he (I) has one good day, followed by a bad day. Today was another bad day. It started late last night when my mouths started to hurt. Lucky for me no mouths sores, however the pain and discomfort kept me from a good sleep. I got some Magic Mouth Wash which tastes awful but did bring down the pain level, not the discomfort. Waking up this morning my mouth and stomach were just in an awful stage. I felt so bad that I only eat a quarter of my breakfast.

The whole morning I just laid in bed battling the pain and discomfort. Nothing really helped. Bill, Greg, Larry and Sue were to come at noon for a visit, but because of my condition I was in, Dianne called Bill to cancel our get-together.

Just before lunch the Doctor and his team came by for the standard checkup. He was not surprised by the setback. The reason for the bad mouths taste and soreness are the low blood count numbers. As they increase over the next few days the pain and taste will go away as well.

After the team left I was getting ready to go for a short walk as suggested since that activity will help with my stomach issue. Just as I was getting up, my system fell apart starting with uncontrollable dry heaving that lasted for over 10 minutes. You may recall I had one of these episodes last Tuesday.

Dianne was a big help getting me back into recovering mode from the attack. All that was important now was to rest and let my body and meds do their thing.

In closing, during the late afternoon and early evening my stomach problems slowing improved. My mouths’ sores and taste improved the most. The nurse explained that this is a sign that my blood counts are going up. We will know tomorrow morning if the counts are finally moving upwards. That’s it for today, let’s see what tomorrow brings.