2017-09-25/27 Recovery Day 203/205

I am apologize for the second time for letting you know what happen the last two days. Last lime it was a week before. It started on Monday, I was again in super pain and discomfort that writing a blog Posting was out of the question. I am told this pain and discomfort is part of the treatment plan, during the last 6 days my lap result numbers dropped so low that many things can/will happen. Since this is expected, depending on the numbers and the relation to other variables, adjustments are made in the medication to achieve the overall goal. One point to remember is that every case is as different as its patient, and there for the treatment plan.

In my case the CDC number are rising very slowly, in addition my platelets are too low requiring platelets transfusion every morning.

The goal is to have a:

Today Std Range
WBC > 3.5 4.7 x10E9/L 3.4 – 10 x10E9/L
ANC < 1.5 for 2 days. 3.62 x10E9/L1 1.8 – 6.8 x10E9/L
HGB > 8 9.0 g/dL. 13.6 – 17.5 g/dL
PLT > 10 17 x10E9/L 140 – 450 x10E9/L

That’s it for today. Maybe, just Maybe tomorrow will be a day full of good new.

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