2017-09-28 Recovery Day 206

Today was a good day. The night was OK, except for my back pain that required medication every 3 hours to stay in check. My CDC numbers were great support a discharge by the weekend.
As to the back pain, before being admitted it was under control. During the day there was no need for medication and during the night, if there was any pain, it was very low which was eliminate during the sleep. This did not happen at the hospital. The pain slowly increased. The last 3 days got so bad that I needed medication all around the clock.

I fault the bed for this as it not ideal to configure for patients with back problems. I have tried any possible position, including pillow alignments etc.

The doctor and her team dropped by and agreed to the discharge plan for Saturday. My PICC line was removed which included toto receive another platelets transfusion to get the account above 50, it was 24 this morning. It was raised to 67.

Address the back pain issue, it was agreed to take some X-rays, 6 all together, in the afternoon to make sure no damage was created during the 17 days here.

That is all for today, I am looking forward to the next 2 days to be without any unforeseen issues so that I can go home and sleep in my own bed again.