2017-10-01 Recovery Day 209

Another good day with little to write about. There is nothing better then sleeping in your own bed which was great for me as there was no pain. Waking up I had a small issue as it seemed that I had the morning issue with dizziness again. It turned out to be nothing. I played it a bit safe by having a cold cereal for breakfast. Afterwards I wend for my morning walk. The rest of the morning I spend sorting things out that got a bit mixed up during my three weeks away.

One of the things I must watch is not as much what I eat, BUT how it is prepared. This is very important the first 30 days. Today I had a bowl of lentil soup with some chips (crisps). After lunch I watch the Raiders against the Broncos game, which sadly the Raiders lost. During half-time I wend with Dianne for my 2nd walk of the day.

After the game there was some time left before dinner, I used it to prepare my schedule (to-do list) for not only this week but also for the next 30 days (4+ weeks). One important part is to not sit around all day. Besides walking at least 3 times a day, there are exercises not only for my back, but my whole body (core).

Now that I have crossed over from “treatment” to “recovery” I need to figure out what I want to do in my retirement. Lots of stuff to think about and to decide. More about this as I move forward this week.