2017-10-02 Recovery Day 210

Today was not a good day. It started of with dry-heaving the moment I got up. This is the second day in a row. Yesterday’s was just a little bit that I was able to keep down. That was not the case this morning. As far as I can figure out the cause is due to the white cells being very active. This activity seems to result not only in my tastebuds telling me everything is metallic, but it also seems to create some stomach fluid with similar taste. It is this fluid that forces the dry-heaving in the morning.

As I said it was a bad day, the after effects of this morning lasted through out the day. On the positive side, I had my FT call with Ray and was able to work with the DirecTV technician to fix the internet issue. For most of the afternoon I had a hard time to stay awake. After dinner I watch some TV before retiring for the day.

Tomorrow I have an appointment around noon back at UCSF. Not sure about the details, but I believe besides having my blood drawn, a checkup will be part of it, and in case the CBC numbers are not what they should be, I may get a blood transfusion. We will be leaving around 9:00 AM to ensure that in case of traffic issues we don’t miss our appointment. If everything goes good we should be back for dinner time.