2017-10-03 Recovery Day 211

Today was a good day. However it also was a busy, active and tiring day. I had no problem this morning with dry-heaving, there was none. Since I had a followup appointment at UCSF, I had not much time for anything other then getting ready for Dianne to pick me up and take me to UCSF. The ride took only a bit over 2 hours, not bad for a distance of 51 miles.

After arriving and checking in, it took about an hour before I was asked to give blood for the tests this morning. It took about another hour before I met the registered nurse to over the test result. Since the results were excellent there was no need to have a blood transfusion nor any thing else. My next check up was scheduled for next Wednesday. I find it a waste of Dianne’s and my time, traveling over four hours and spend 2 hours in a waiting room for 10 minutes with a R.N.

We got back home just a bit for dinner. After dinner I tried watching some TV but instead I dozed of. I was unable to stay awake, a side effect I am told from the Melphalan treatment I received at the start of the stem cell transplant.

This is it for today, it was a good day with some unexpected activities. Let’s see what tomorrow brings.