2017-10-07 Recovery Day 215

Today was a good and so-so day. We got up around 7:00 and had breakfast. Dianne prepared my favored breakfast – Denver Omelet. Our plan for the morning was to go out for an outing. Dianne and Denise took me out following all the rules provided by UCSF MC. It was great, a trip that did not stop at the hospital or doctor. We returned home around 1:00 PM, just in time for me to rest and the end of the good day part.

The rest of the day turned out to be a so-so day. I guess my outing was a bit more than my system was ready for. Pain wise there was no issue other than my back pain. The problem was with my stomach, something that seems to happen since my return from the hospital. In the afternoon my stomach does not want to settle down. It goes in cycles from cramps to sharp pain to rumpling.

After dinner I watched a bit TV. My stomach started to settle down a bit, just enough to fall a sleep. All in all it was a mix of a day. Let see what tomorrow brings.