2017-10-08 Recovery Day 216

Before talking about today, a comment about last night. For the first time since being told about my illness, I have slept for 6+ hours, from 9:00 PM to 3:20 AM.
As to today, it was almost identical to yesterday. We got up around 7:00 and had breakfast. Dianne prepared her special McDianne. Afterwards we wend for our “long” walk. Our plan for the morning/afternoon was for Denise and Dianne to go shopping at Downtown Walnut Creek. For me it was resting and walking, trying to get my stomach settled.

The rest of the day turned out to be a so-so day. I am not sure why today my stomach will not settle. It is not pain just discomfort. Pain wise there was no issue other than my back pain. The problem was, like yesterday, with my stomach. It goes in cycles from cramps to sharp pain to rumpling.

After dinner my stomach finally settled a bit so that I could watch some TV. My stomach settle even more during my TV watching allowing me to have a shower before going to bed. All in all it was like yesterday a mix of a day. Let see what tomorrow brings.