2017-10-10 Recovery Day 218

Today, like the last few days, was not a good day. It started after waking up, my stomach would not settle. Even after taken Zofran my stomach would not settle down. Just like yesterday it is mostly discomfort and very little stomach pain. As to my back, it is not as much pain, as it is discomfort, pressure on both my shoulder blades. For now I keep it under control with taking the breakthrough medication. I will know more on Friday after my visit with Doctor D.

Like the last few days there is not much more to report. Tomorrow we will be at UCSF MC for a checkup. I understand that some of the pain and discomfort are part of the recovery process, so let them find out if what I deal with the last 2 weeks is normal during the recovery. I can only repeat what I said before let’s see what tomorrow brings.