2017-10-11 Recovery Day 219

Today I got up a bit earlier at 6:30 since we had to go to UCSF MC. I had Breakfast and got our stuff together for the drive to UCSF. Dianne picked me up at 8:00 for our journey to UCSF. Today it took us 2 1/2 hour to get there, 10 minutes before our appointment.

Today I did not only gave blood for the regular Complete Blood Count with Differential panel, but also for MAGNESIUM, IGM, IGG and IGA SERUM panels. Since the results were excellent there is no need to change my medication. My next appointment will be in two weeks.

Our drive home was only 1 hour and a few minutes. The rest of the day was spend on walking, resting in the backyard. I did however noticed that my energy level was a bit higher then the last days since returning home from the stem cell transplant. That’s it, like the last few days there is not much more to report. I can only repeat what I said before let’s see what tomorrow brings.