2017-10-12 Recovery Day 220

Today, for most part was a good day. I got up around 6:00, had Breakfast and got my stuff sorted. With stuff, I mean my laptop, iPhone and MacMini which had gotten a bit out of sync. Around 9:00 I wend with my neighbor Gary for a 40 minute slow walk. It did not take long before I received calls from my cousin in Germany, and a colleague, Jean Kubler, from my days working with the UNECE on UN/EDIFACT. By the time I was done with the calls it was past noon, time for lunch.

Shortly after lunch, Dianne came home and we went for an outing to get me out of the house. At the end we went to get gas at COSTCO, since the lineup was very long, I tried calling Kenji for a FaceTime session. Surprisingly it work over the cellular data-network. We got home around 4 o’clock. Around 5:00 my stomach started to act up a bit. Half an hour later dinner was served and since my stomach had not gotten worse, I tried eating. I was only able to eat 1/3 of it. I decided to rest and close my eyes hoping to get my stomach to settle, but it did not work out that way. By 7:00 Dianne send me to bed since now every joint in my body started to hurt and my stomach did not improve.