2017-10-13 Recovery Day 221

Today I got up around 7:00 and had breakfast shortly afterwards. I got ready for Denise to drop me of at Dr. D’s office for my 8:00 appointment. The session did go very well, the X-Rays did not show any problem, the opposite was true, the insertions are healing very well. The pain and discomfort is part of the healing and will take time since it was a complex surgery. The discomfort/pressure on both shoulder blades is due to the muscles needing to strengthen again. To do so I will have another month of physical therapy, after my house arrest. Overall it was all good news that eliminates some concerns I had because of the 3 weeks at UCSF lying in a bed that was not good for my back. My next appointment with Dr. D. will be in 6 months.

Getting back home, I had my FaceTime session with Ray. Afterwards I went for my walk which was a bit later then normally. Afterwards I got ready for Larry, Bill and Greg’s arrival for our Friday Lunch. We had our lunch outside since today there was no smoke from the fires.

After Lunch I had planned to do some work in my office but I suddenly was overcome by stomach cramps again. Therefore I rested in my recliner hoping the cramps would go away. At first the cramps increased but soon they disappeared. By dinner time my stomach was fine to eat, which I did. The rest of the evening I watched some TV before going to bed. That’s it for today.

One thought on “2017-10-13 Recovery Day 221

  1. Klaus, I read your blog every day. Thanks for making the effort on difficult days. This was a good day, and very encouraging to hear the good Dr’s report.
    FT me when it’s a good time for you. Paul

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