2017-10-14 Recovery Day 222

Being Saturday we got up around 7:00 and had breakfast shortly afterwards. Afterwards I rested a bit before going to the Big Break Park for a longer walk. However, before doing so I received a call from Mario Paoli, a German class mate. Last time I spoke to Mario must have been in 2014, if not later. Mario was concerned if I was near the fire and smoke, since the German News was not very exact in reporting the exact location. After I informed Mario about the location of the fire and my house, we chatted a bit more. I found out that Mario did not know about my illness, which was a surprise to me because he was at our 50 year class reunion a few weeks ago where some other class mates were that knew about it. I updated Mario and we will agreed to keep in touch by using FaceTime.

After the call with Mario, Dianne and I went for our morning walk. Originally we had planned to go to Big Break Park for our walk, however it was cold and very windy this morning, so we stayed in our neighborhood. After 40 minutes we returned home. I needed to rest for awhile and Dianne did some house cleaning. At mid-afternoon, Dianne joined me on my afternoon walk. It turned out the normally 20-30 minute walk became a 65 minute one. We did walk slowly, talking about our bucket list, not thinking about the time or distance. We returned shortly before our dinner time.

Our dinner plans were to enjoy Chicken Sandwiches with Buttermilk Dressing & Roasted Carrot Fries from Blue Apron. However, FedEx informed us that they have delivery problems, so we went to plan B, Macaroni and Cheese with Brie Cheese on a Bezel Bun, which was not bad. BTW, by dinner time my stomach was fine to eat, which I did. The rest of the evening I watched some TV before going to bed. That’s it for today.