2017-10-15 Recovery Day 223

We got up around 7:00 and had breakfast shortly afterwards. A bit after 9 o’clock Dianne and I went to the Big Break Park. We had planned to go yesterday but it was to cold and windy. Today the weather was on our side. It took us about 30 minutes to walk slowly to the fishing pier. Dianne snapped a few photos of me before we started our way back. Instead of going back home at the end of our walk, we entered the Visiting Center to see who of the staff was there. I was in luck that a) that the center was empty of visitors and b) Nicole Gange was there, Dianne and I provided an update about my treatment and what was lying ahead. By the time we got back home it was almost lunch time.

After lunch I got ready to watch the Raiders vs Chargers game. Sadly the Raiders lost. Dianne joint me afterwards for my evening walk before dinner. We got back just in time for dinner. After dinner we watched some TV before going to bed.

In summary, today was a very good day, no stomach issues and no pain, except for the spine surgery pain which is slowly improving. All signs are there that the worst is over.