2017-10-17 Recovery Day 225

I mention yesterday that I got myself into a daily schedule, guess what, I followed most of it today. The exception was the second walk which I skipped and instead I did some garden and housework. The garden work was cleaning up spiderwebs that were everywhere. Housework involved cleaning the kitchen floor and the walkway connecting the kitchen to the garage and living room.

In the morning I used my open work slot for some computer work, such as transferring files from and to my Dropbox. The afternoon slots were used for the garden and house work mention earlier. Like yesterday Dianne joint me at 4:00 for my evening walk. After getting back home, I retired to my recliner so that I could put icepacks on my ankles. After dinner I checked my angles, the swellings have gone down. For most part today the swellings were way down. I still don’t know what triggers the swellings.

In summary, except for the spine surgery pain, today was another very good day, no stomach issues and no bone pain. Yes, there is the problem with my swollen ankles, further, after my morning walk my temperature had risen to 99.1F, taken a Tylenol reduced the temperature down to 97.8F. We will have to watch both of them to figure out the causes of them.

One thought on “2017-10-17 Recovery Day 225

  1. Klaus,

    So glad to hear you’re getting outside and doing some active work. That’s got to enliven you. I’m doing the same – cleaning up my garden for next year and still working on firewood for the cold season starting soon.

    All the best,


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