2017-10-18 Recovery Day 226

Today is day two of me checking if I follow a daily schedule. Like yesterday I followed most of it today. The exception was again the second walk around lunch. I skipped it as I spend an hour on the phone with DirectTV at that time.

In the morning I started to rearrange my office. I moved a few furniture pieces to allow me to have better sitting support for my back. At 9:15 I went for my morning walk. I was not alone since my neighbor Dean joined me on my 30 minute walk. After getting back, I spend another few hours upstairs in my office.

As I mention earlier I did not go for my lunch walk as I was busy talking with DirecTV about some channels I should have as part of package. After an hour I was told that a supervisor will call me. Guess what, so far no call. Guess I will have to call back myself and spend some time again with them.

In the afternoon, checking my mailbox, I got involved with a number of my neighbors who wanted to know what was going on Tuesday afternoon with a Fire-engine, EMS (Emergency Medical Services) and two Police Cruisers in front of my house. The good news it had nothing to do with us, the reason for the vehicles being in front of our house was that that was the only room on the street. For privacy reason I will not get in to any details, other then it prevented me from writing this report yesterday.

Like yesterday Dianne joint me for my evening walk. After getting back home, I retired to my recliner so that I could put ice packs on my ankles. After dinner I checked my angles, the swellings have not gone down.

In summary today was another very good day, no stomach issues and no bone pain. However there is the problem with my swollen ankles which were more swollen the the day before. We will have to watch them a bit closer to figure out what is the cause.