2017-10-19 Recovery Day 227

I mention the last few days the problem with my ankles swelling up. In an effort to figure out what causes my ankles to swell up, I put on my compression socks. For the morning portion of the day there was no visible swelling. After my morning 60 minute walk the ankles look even better then they did before the walk. By lunch I did noticed a small increase. Around 14:00 I went for my second walk, which is smaller and takes about 20 minutes. At the start my ankles were swollen a bit more then the were at lunch time.

It turns out that halfway through the walk I had to stop because of high pain below my neck and my back. It took me a long time to get home as I had to make frequent stops. I am not sure why I suddenly got this pain. Being home I retire in my recliner to find a spot that was most comfortable to lay down. It took some time for the pain level to go down to an acceptable level. For the rest of the afternoon and evening I rested to allow the pain level to drop.

In summary today was a so-so day, no stomach issues and no bone pain. However I had severe back pain and some problem with my swollen ankles. I will have to watch them a bit closer to figure out what is the cause so that on Monday I can provide the details to UCSF in order to see if they have ways to eliminate or at least reduce the pain and swellings.