2017-10-20 Recovery Day 228

Today was a excellent day!!! No stomach issues, no bone pain, however I had some back pain and some problem with my swollen ankles. In an effort to figure out what causes my ankles to swell up, I put on my compression socks. Dean and Gary joined me for my 60 minute morning walk. I was a bit surprised to see that the swellings have gone down instead of increasing. Since lunch was in 2 hours with Bill joining me, I rested with my compression socks still on and my legs raised. Bill arrived on time, and I had prepared my lunch. The timing was perfect. Checking my legs, the swellings had not increased, I would go as far to say the swellings have gone.

Bill left a bit after 13:00 and I got ready for Dianne to pick me up in an hour to go grocery shopping. After getting home I helped Dianne with the laundry, hanging up some of the clothes. Again checking my ankles and legs the swellings did not come back. However my back started to hurt a bit so I retire in my recliner with my legs raised. By dinner time my back pain was back to a level of 5, which is acceptable.

In summary today was a excellent day. I will have to watch the ankle swellings very close over the weekend to figure out what is the cause. This information should help on Monday when I at UCSF in order to see if they have other patients with the same problem and more important do the have solutions to eliminate or at least reduce the pain and swellings.