2017-10-21 Recovery Day 229

Today was a good day! No stomach issues, no bone pain, however I had some bad back pain and continuing problems with my swollen ankles and legs. Dianne and I got up at 6:00 and had Breakfast at 7:00. Dianne and Denise left for some shopping around 8:00, giving me some time to watch the end of Raiders’ game I recorded. After the game ended I went for my morning walk. Returning from my walk I checked my ankles which have swollen a bit. Dianne came by a bit later to take me to a a car show she came a cross during her shopping. The show was about old cars, muscle cars and motorcycles. We walk around for a bit more than an hour during which I took 44 pictures.

We got back for lunch. After lunch I was doing some personal banking that was due but it took a bit longer then I had planned. Because I could not put my legs up during the banking work the swellings were not just on my ankles but went also up on my legs. I had no choice but to retire on my recliner to lift up my legs to reduce the swellings. It took some time after lunch, before the swellings started to shrink.

In summary today was a good day. If it were not for the swellings it could have been a excellent day. As mention yesterday I will have to watch the swellings very closely tomorrow to figure out what is the cause. This information should help on Monday when I at UCSF in order to see if they have, or had, other patients with the same problem and more important do the have solutions to eliminate or at least reduce the pain and swellings.