2017-10-22 Recovery Day 230

Today was another good day! No stomach issues, no bone pain, however for the first time since day one, I was not able to eat my breakfast. Around 8:30 Dianne took me out for some shopping, but mostly it was for getting out of the house to see another scenery and walking so more. We got back home around 11:00. The outing was great, but on the negative side my back pain was back again forcing me to to lay down in my recliner. By the time lunch came my back pain was down to an acceptable level. I eat for lunch my breakfast that I could not eat earlier.

After lunch I rested a bit to to get the swelling in my legs down and reducing my back pain. Around 3:30 Dianne joined me for my afternoon walk. We took a different route to break the repetitiveness. Returning home I rested again since my back pain was back. For the rest of the day I had my legs up.

In summary today was a good day. If it were not for the swellings and back pain it could have been a very good day. As mention I have been watching the swellings very closely for the last three days to collect data. This information should help on Monday when I am at UCSF in order to see if they have, or had, other patients with the same problem and more important do the have solutions to eliminate or at least reduce the pain and swellings.