2017-10-23 Recovery Day 231

Today was the day, driving for 3 hours to UCSF, 2 hours at UCSF and 1 1/2 hours driving back home.

For today we had the standard issues:

  • no stomach issues,
  • no bone pain,
  • ankle and leg swellings, and
  • the regular back pain.

The test results were absolute great, so great that our next checkup is scheduled for 7 Dec 2017. My next blood test will be scheduled 3-4 weeks from today at my local cancer center. Should the numbers not be what everyone expects, we will be back at UCSF to figure out our next step.

As to the swellings, they are most likely due to the side effects of taking the super strong antibiotics. I was agreed to stop taking them. If in two weeks the swellings are still there, we will check with my cardiologist since it may be an interaction problem with Norvase (Amlodipine) I am taking.

In summary today was a good day. Yes, the 4 1/2 hours of driving were no fun, however the results made up for it. Things are starting to look up. Let’s see who the next two or three weeks turn out, specially the swelling part.