2017-10-24 Recovery Day 232

Today was a so-so day:

  • on the good side:
    • no stomach issues,
    • no bone pain,
    • some ankle and leg swellings, and
    • regular back pain for most of the day
  • on the bad side:
    • back pain level increasing to a level of 9
    • left foot pain at level 9
    • feeling cold

I will skip over the standard morning activities, such as breakfast. The first notable action was my 1 hour morning walk with my neighbor. Walking was slow but for the first time I did not have to stop because of the increase of the back pain. After the walk I went upstairs to my office. I had FaceTime sessions with Ray and Paul, but most time was spend moving some small furniture items around to get ready for my planned new setup arrangement. Before I knew it I missed my lunch at 12:00. It was time to go back downstairs to have lunch.

After lunch I noticed that my back pain had increased to level 9, requiring me to rest in my recliner. Before I knew it I dozed of for awhile. It must have been the physical work I did in my office that contributed to my dozing off. After waking up a few hours later it was already 3:00. I decided it was time for my afternoon walk. Half way through my walk I experienced pain in my left foot at a level 9 that stopped me from continuing. I rested for a few minutes before trying to walk again. It took some extra time walking back home since I could only walk for a few minutes before I needed to rest again. After getting home I rested again in my recliner. It did not take long before the pain was gone. However, the next issue that showed up was that I was feeling cold and needed to put on a sweater.

In summary today was a so-so day. Yes, there were negatives today, but there were also some positives, which in my view were equal as in 50:50. I also believe that the negatives will not show up tomorrow, at least not all, maybe just one. We will know more tomorrow.

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