2017-10-25 Recovery Day 233

Today was another so-so day:

  • on the good side:
    • no stomach issues,
    • no bone pain,
    • some ankle and leg swellings, and
    • lower back pain for most of the day
  • on the bad side:
    • back pain level increasing to a level of 9
    • left foot and knee pain at level 9
    • pain level 8 for both hips
    • feeling cold

After breakfast and before my walk I had FaceTime sessions with Jean Kubler and Ray Walker. I enjoy those FT sessions very much. I was surprised when 4 weeks ago Jean contacted me. It must have been at list 10 years the last time I have seen him. After my FT calls it was time for my long morning walk with my neighbors. Today it was only Gary since Dean had a other appointment this morning. On my return from my walk I needed to rest for awhile to reduce the Back Pain to an acceptable level before going to water the flowers in the back yard.

After lunch I noticed that my back pain had increased to level 9, requiring me to rest in my recliner. This sudden increase of my back pain is just like yesterday. Instead of dozing off like yesterday, I started to work on this posting. About an hour later the pain level has dropped a bit allowing me to clean up the kitchen and going for a 10 minute walk.

Returning back home I rested again in my recliner. It did not take long before the pain was gone. However, like yesterday I was feeling cold and needed to put on a sweater. About an hour later I did not need the sweater. However, walking became an issue as my left foot hurt every time I stepped on it. In addition to the left foot hurting my left knee and both hips hurt as well. For the rest of the evening I did as little walking as possible staying in my recliner.

In summary today was a so-so day. Like yesterday the positives and negatives were about 50:50. However my hope that the negatives would not show up today did not work out. Therefore I will not have a prediction for tomorrow. It will be what ever it will be.