2017-10-27 Recovery Day 235

Today was a so-so day:

  • on the good side:
    • no bone pain, and
    • no pain in my left foot, except for the swelling
  • on the bad side:
    • back pain level at a level of 9
    • swelling of both legs, and
    • stomach issues

The night was better then yesterday’s, however I still encountered sudden hip pain that woke me up around midnight and kept me awake for an hour or so before falling asleep again. I got up at 7:00, had breakfast and rested until going for my walk with my two neighbors. I did however encounter some severe stomach pains, lucky for me they disappeared before I started my walk. On my return form walking I needed to rest for awhile to reduce the Back Pain to an acceptable level before getting lunch ready. However, I again had severe stomach pains that lasted a few minutes. Being Friday I had Bill and Larry join me for lunch.

After lunch I needed to rest again as the level of my Back Pain had not decreased. In addition my stomach decided to rumble for most of the afternoon. The good news, at least the severe pains were gone. I spend the rest of the afternoon resting in my recliner with my legs up since the swellings were back. I will be seeing my cardiologist on Monday. He has already agreed to reduce the the Norvase (Amlodipine) dosage to 5mg.

In summary today was a so-so day. I was not able to do work I had planed in my office or outside in the backyard. I still doze off in the morning and afternoon. Let’s hope that the weekend is better.