2017-11-02 Recovery Day 241

Today was a good day:

  • on the good side:
    • no bone pain
    • very little swelling of feet and legs, and
    • no stomach cramps and pain
  • on the bad side:
    • still some back and neck pain level up to 7

The night was good, like yesterday I got up at 6:30 and had a light breakfast. I got ready for the contractors that arrived before 8:00 and spend about 45 minutes with them. After that I got ready for my morning walk with my neighbors. After my return home I had a FaceTime session with Ray. This was followed by a FaceTime call from my cousin Hannelore in Germany.

After lunch I spend some time in my office before calling my friend Kenji in Japan. After the call I went downstairs to do some house work such as vacuum the floor. Afterwards I rested getting ready for Dianne to come home so we can spend a few hours together before having lunch and going to bed.

In summary today was a good day. That’s it for today.

One thought on “2017-11-02 Recovery Day 241

  1. Two good days in a row Klaus. Great. I pray they will keep coming.
    Your friend in Appalachia, Paul

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