2017-11-04 Recovery Day 243

Today was a excellent day, even with all those bad things listed below:

  • on the good side:
    • no bone pain, and
    • very little swelling of feet and legs
  • on the bad side:
    • still some back pain;
    • stomach cramps and pain, and
    • lightheadedness

The night was good, like all days this week. Being the weekend I got up a bit later at 7:30 and had a light breakfast Dianne prepared. After breakfast I help Dianne with some housework before we both went for my morning walk. I had hoped that the walk would help with my stomach cramps and pain, but it not, I therefore rested until lunch.

After lunch I help Dianne a bit more before we went for another walk. Returning from our walk Dianne decided to wash down our two storage boxes that were moved into out garage. I helped where every I could. After that I retired to our backyard for a bit enjoying the sunshine that broke through the rain clouds.

For the rest of the afternoon I retired to my recliner since I suddenly could no longer keep my eyes open. I got my second wind just for dinner. After dinner I wrote this posting, which was very difficult as I constantly dozed off. But as you can tell I did get it done.

In summary today excellent day, yes there were some bad things. However this was the first weekend day which pain did not take over. I am looking forward to tomorrow since it should be by all calculations be another good day.