2017-11-06 Recovery Day 245

Today was a so-so day:

  • on the good side:
    • no bone pain, and
    • little swelling of feet and legs
  • on the bad side:
    • dry heaving and vomiting,
    • still back pain,
    • stomach cramps and pain, and
    • lightheadedness

The night was good, however when I woke up I immediately needed to dry heave. After it was over I returned back to bed to sleep a bit longer. I finally got up at 6:30, eat breakfast and rested until 7:15 at which time I was overcome with the need to vomit. My stomach settled down by about 9:00 at which time I went for a walk with my neighbor Dean. Around 10:30 Ray and I had a FaceTime session to catch up on things over the weekend and how I was doing.

For lunch I had only a cup of Chicken Bouillon, which did good. I continued to rest and around 1:00 PM I went for a short walk which felt good but did not eliminate my stomach pain. I therefore continue to rest and around 3:30 my stomach has settled enough for me to go outside and see what progress was made by our contractors.

Instead of resting after my checking on the work progress, I kept busy by walking around the house and garden for no real purpose other than walking and staying busy. I did this until Dianne came home and dinner was ready. After dinner I wrote this posting, which was a bit difficult as I started to doze every few minutes.

In summary today was a so-so day. Normally I start of in a good state and by afternoon my system runs on empty. Today was the opposite, this morning my system was already on low but by afternoon it was fully charged. That’s it for today.