2017-11-15 Recovery Day 254

Today was good day:

  • on the good side:
    • no cancer related pain, and
    • no stomach issues
  • on the bad side:
    • limited activity time, and
    • surgery related back pain

It gets harder to write about each day since a pattern is emerging about how each day is. Today was almost identical to yesterday. The morning was the same as the last few days, I get up have breakfast, clean up a bit before having a Skype call with one of my friends. Today I talked with J├╝rgen, normal we talk on Monday’s, but his week we had to move it to today. After my Skype call I did my walk with Dean. Since it started to rain we went to plan B. We drove to the east County Mall and worked inside for 40 Minutes before returning home. I rested until lunch, which was an hour away.

After lunch I went upstairs to my office and continue to work on sorting out what stuff should stay and what should be donate. Because of my back/shoulder pain I worked for 40 minutes followed by 20 minutes rest. Picked me up at 3:30 to take me to the local cancer center for a blood draw. Afterwards we went back home, since it was still to early for dinner I spend another hour upstairs in my office.

In summary, today was a good day. Lets see if tomorrow follows the same pattern as the last few days.