2017-11-17 Recovery Day 256

Today was good day:

  • on the good side:
    • no cancer related pain, and
    • no stomach issues
  • on the bad side:
    • limited activity time, and
    • surgery related back pain

Today followed the same pattern established this week. After breakfast the contractor arrived at 8:00 to finish of the work. Afterwards I had a FaceTime call with Ray before my morning walk with Dean and Greg. After the walk I rested until lunch because my back pain was acting up today.

Larry came today to join me for lunch. We had a good time and the extended lunch help to lower my back pain. After Larry left I went upstair to my office to continue cleaning up. I forgot to look at the clock and before I know it I had worked for 2 1/2 hours with out resting. The result was that my back pain came back for the rest of day.

In summary, today was good day. Yes, the back pain did not help, but it was my fault, I should have rested after 40 minutes of work.