2017-11-18 Recovery Day 257

Today was good day:

  • on the good side:
    • no cancer related pain, and
    • no stomach issues
  • on the bad side:
    • left knee pain
    • limited activity time, and
    • surgery related back pain

There is not much to report for today. Shortly after breakfast Dianne and Denise left for San Francisco to visit The Great Dickens Christmas Fair at the Cow Palace. I stayed home because I am not ready yet to walk for 3+ hours, instead I stayed home. I first finished did some more cleaning up in my office. After that I watch Stuttgart beat Dortmund 2:1. I notice while watching the game that my left knee started to hurt again.

At lunch time I received a visit from Dave and Dennis, who were colleagues many years ago when I was hired as IT consultant by a local company. The visit lasted 2 hours, I enjoyed their visit. After they left I watch Bayern Munich beat Augsburg 3:0.

Dianne and Denise return home just after the game ended. Dianne went to clean up our backyard a bit. I helped a bit but went inside because of my back pain. After Dianne was done with her work in the backyard we both went for a short walk. Returning from our walk it was time for dinner which Denise has gotten for us. After dinner I rested some more since my knee pain did not wanted to go away.

In summary, today was another good day. Yes, I have to deal with back and knee pain today, but on the positive side no cancer related problems.