2017-11-20 Recovery Day 259

Over the weekend I had second thoughts about the posting format [again]. Interesting enough Ray brought up the subject this morning. After talking with Ray about it, I agreed to change the format again. Let me know if you like it or not, also suggestions are welcome.

Today was a good day, from the health prospective, the only issue I have every day is the back pain related to my spine surgery. My surgeon told me at my last checkup that the pain will go slowly away, his guess is at least 5-6 months. Today I was lucky that there was no other pain or other side effect.

Physical activity wise, I did have my morning walk with my neighbors and afternoon walk alone. I also helped my neighbor Dean a little bit with cleaning our driveway using his power washer.

Other activities were my Skype call with Jürgen and FaceTime call with Ray. I also did a bit of work in my office.

In summary, today was another good day. No foot, knee or hip pain, also no stomach issues.