2017-11-22 Recovery Day 261

Today was another good day, nothing out of the ordinary happened. My back pain related to my spine surgery is still there. I also had pain on and off in my left foot and knee. I took 2 Tylenol which took care of the foot and knee pain.

Dianne took today off so we sleep in. After breakfast I had my Skype call with Francois, after wards it was time to go for my morning walk with my neighbors. Today only Dean walked with me. After returning back home Dean and I went shopping for some pebble stones and top soil. We got back home and hour after lunch.

There were no other activities for today. I guess the morning walk and all that walking during our shopping was a bit to much as I needed more rest then normal. However, I did with Dianne my short afternoon walk. Afterwards It was time for dinner and a movie.

In summary, today was another good day even with the back pain. The fact I was able to walk that much today, made up for the back pain.