2017-11-23 Recovery Day 262

Today was another good day, especially since it was Thanksgiving. My back pain related to my spine surgery is still there. Also my left foot and knee pain is still bothering me on and off. For now Tylenol is taking care of the foot and knee pain.

Being Thanksgiving we have a tradition to get ready for Black Friday. The tradition is for Dianne and I to get up early to get a copy of today’s news paper with all the ads. Since we are up early we had breakfast at Denny’s. Getting back home I had a FaceTime call with Ray, afterwards it was time to go for my morning walk with my Dean and Gary.

After being back home I helped Dianne with fixing some of the little item that the workers did not take care of. Lunch came soon which was a welcome break. Afterwards Dianne continued to finalize the needed fixes and I rested by watching her. Don’t accuse me of doing the wrong thing, Dianne wanted me to do just that. After Dianne was done with the adjustments we all went inside and rested before having an early dinner. Denise and Dianne left right after dinner for her Black Friday shopping. I stayed home and watched some TV before calling it a day.

In summary, today was just another good day as the others for the last week. What I am waiting for is that the back pain starts slowly to decrease.