2017-11-26 Recovery Day 265

Today was a better then yesterday. For most of the day the back pain level was acceptable. There was a short period that the pain level was very high, but laying down with an ice pack for about an hour lower the level enough to move around. As to my foot and knee pains, they were absent today.

Waking up my back pain was higher then normally in the morning. However the pain level went down by the time it was time for my morning walk with Dianne. Close to the end of the walk the pain level was high again. I laid down with an ice pack which got the pain down to the normal level again. Around lunch we went out to see a movie. This was a test to see if my pain level would increase or not. The good news, it did not increase. Maybe I can do this again soon.

Back home, I watch the Raider beat the Broncos, 21 to 14. Afterwards I rested a bit until dinner. I had a eventful and busy day today which took more energy then normally. I therefore went to bed early.

In summary, what a difference from yesterday, a day that started out with a high pain level, but changed as the day went on. Let’s hope tomorrow continues with improved pain levels.