2017-11-28 Recovery Day 267

Today was another so-so day. Like yesterday, the day started of fine, but after my morning walk the back pain level increased more then usual. Resting for awhile and taken two Tylenol bought the level back down. However, after returning from short car ride to drop-off a lawnmower my stomach acted up a bit. I laid down for an hour which helped with my stomach. Like yesterday I did not go for my afternoon walk to give my system time to recover.

Activity wise, I had my FaceTime call with Ray before my morning walk with my neighbors. Thanks to Dean I was able to drop-off my lawnmower a few blocks away for repair and pick it back up a few hours later. Because of my back pain I did not do much more today other then resting.

In summary, today was another setback as the back pain and stomach did not play nice. Let’s see what tomorrow brings.