2017-11-30 Recovery Day 269

Today was good day on two fronts. The day started early as we departed for UCSF MC at 05:45. We arrived at UCSF at 8:00, just in time for our 8:30 registration. My back pain did not increase too much and decreased quickly for the rest of my stay at UCSF.

The first task at UCSF was the blood draw. The results were close to the last draw. My doctor saw me shortly after 09:00 and informed us that since the numbers were very good, so good, confirming that my cancer is now in remission. The next phase is now to start with the maintenance cycle. All that was left for today was the bone marrow biopsy which was done after lunch. For some unknown reason this biopsy was rather painful, not like the two earlier biopsy during my treatment.

As to the maintenance cycle, I will take it again Lenalidomide (trade name Revlimid), at a lower dosage, for 21 days with a rest period of 7 days, after which we start over again. You may recall from my really treatment notes that this drug is very expensive, about $6000 per month.

In summary, today was a good day thanks to my back pain not getting out of control AND the fact that the cancer is in remission. I have a appointment with my local doctor next week, until then things will stay the same.