2017-12-31 Recovery Day 300

Today is not only the last day of 2017, it is also the 300th day since being told that I have MM cancer. Today was a good day with a small hiccup in the morning. In the morning, out of nowhere I suddenly had strong pain in my left shoulder (rotator cuff) for about an hour. After the pain was gone all that I was left with was the my shoulder pain.

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2017-12-30 Recovery Day 299

It is becoming more difficult to write these daily updates. The reason is a simple one, the last 12 days are almost all identical. They are all good days with the only pain being that of my shoulder. As to my medical status there is no change. Even with the start of my maintenance treatment, taking Revlimid, chemo drug in pill form, every day.

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2017-12-29 Recovery Day 298

Here we go, another good day! Yes, I still have to deal with the shoulder pain, the result of the surgery, which is acceptable for now. There is also the hip pain which is either the side effect from the Zometa or Revlimid. For now it is difficult to determine which one it is since we started the maintenance cycle less then two weeks ago.

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2017-12-28 Recovery Day 297

Another good day even with some pain. Pain wise it seems to be a copy of yesterday. So far it is to difficult to determine if the hip pain is a side effect from the Zometa or Revlimid. It is my guess we need at least 2 more treatment cycles before we can determine with some certainty which of the two are responsive for the hip pain.

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2017-12-27 Recovery Day 296

Another good day even with some pain. In addition to the pain of my shoulder, I have had pain in both of my hips. I had this pain at a very low level for the last few days, but did not mention it since did not bother me. The question arises is the hip pain a side effect and if so from the Zometa or Revlimid.

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2017-12-25 Recovery Day 294

Another good day with the only pain being that of my shoulder. It is becoming harder and harder to to write about my medical status since there is no change. Which is great for me, but not very investing to my fellow readers. Tonight I will start with my maintenance treatment, which is taken Revlimid, chemo drug in pill form. Revlimid can come with a number of side effects. My hope is that it does not for me.

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2017-12-23 Recovery Day 292

Good news, today was another good day. By now you should know the rest what this means regarding my pain.

Today my morning and evening walks were with Dianne and Carsten. Other activities today were many little ones, to many to list. In a nutshell they were all part of doing many things within the house, such as running up and down the stairs.

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