2017-12-01 Recovery Day 270

Today was a so-so day. The main reasons for not be a good day were the pain at the incision point for the biopsy needle and my back pain. Through the day the back pain stayed at a higher level then normally, where as the incision point pain slowly got lower.

The day started of with pain at the incision point. I had hoped that a good night sleep, which I had, would have reduce the pain, but it did not happened. After breakfast I noticed that the pain increased so I rested upstairs laying on the bed instead of using the recliner. The reason being that I could not find a position in the recliner that reduced the pain.

At 9:00 it was time for my morning walk, I decided to go but at a slower pace and a shorter distance with out any hills. As it turns out both pain locations did not increase. However, to reduce the pain, I went back upstairs. Shortly afterwards I had my FaceTime call with Ray. Being Friday I had Greg and Larry over for Lunch. Bill was not able to join us today.

After lunch my uncle called me on FaceTime to get an update. We talked about the medication I will be taken for maintenance. Don is a retired pharmacist, so I like to get his feedback on any medication I take. Sometimes he does not know what it is because it is a new medication.

Dianne came home early. I tried to help her with the house work wherever I could, it was not much, but any little bit helps. Since my back pain started to increase I stopped and retired to my recliner composing this posting. The rest of the day is what we do most day, have dinner and watch some TV before retiring for the day.

In summary, today was a so-so day thanks for the new pain from the biopsy, which hopefully will be gone by tomorrow or at least is reduce to a level that is hardly noticeable. Since our son and grandson will be here tomorrow I hope to have a good day.