2017-12-02 Recovery Day 271

Today was a so-so day. It started of good, no more pain from the biopsy and the back pain was acceptable. Things got bad in the afternoon it started with lightheadedness and sudden need to vomit. For the rest of the day the lightheadedness stayed and I started to have stomach cramps on and of.

Dieter and Carsten had arrived late last night, so our house was full again. We had a good morning. Dianne and Carsten joined me on my morning walk. Afterwards it was time to clean up the leaves in the garden and cover the lawn furniture. After lunch I rested for awhile before Dianne and I took a drive to Concord to exchange some of our lawn furniture covers.

It was during the walk in the store that I started to feel a bit dizzy. On the drive back home when we were just about home, I suddenly needed to vomit. Lucky for me we had a bag in the car. Arriving home I again needed to vomit one more time. The rest of the day I rested in my recliner. I was able to eat a little bit at dinner time, but my lightheadedness and stomach cramps did not go totally away.

In summary, today was another so-so day. It has been some time when I had lightheadedness and the need to vomit. Not sure why I had both today. Let’s hope tomorrow is a better day.