2017-12-05 Recovery Day 274

Today was another bad day the problem being again lightheadedness and stomach cramps. The problem started like yesterday about an hour after my morning walk, suddenly I had stomach cramps followed a bit later with lightheadedness. Resting got it under control, but the moment I start moving around to do some things, both came back. In the late afternoon both were gone but instead my back/shoulder discomfort appeared which required me to rest again.

As I mention above, I was OK for my morning walk, the trouble started after my morning walk and FaceTime, just before lunch. I rested watching some UEFA Champions League games. However, getting up and walking around the trouble starred again. I had planned to drive with Dean to get some chores done, but had to cancel it since I did not want the possibility of having to vomit as I did on Sunday under similar condition. I rested instead for most of the afternoon and evening doing some online work.

In summary, today was a bad day. I hope that tomorrow is better since my plan is to go in the morning for a Coffee and Talk session at the Big Break Regional Park.