2017-12-06 Recovery Day 275

Today was another so-so day the problem being again lightheadedness and stomach cramps. The problem started today after getting up. I had only dry toast for breakfast to eliminate the possibility of vomiting. Because of the early signs, including the possibility of vomiting when in a car, I did not attend the early Coffee and Talk session at the Big Break Regional Park. Interesting by 9:00 the symptoms disappeared allowing me to have my morning walk. However, after lunch they were back for about another hour before disappearing for the rest of the day.

As I mention above, I was like yesterday again OK for my morning walk. After my walk I had a FaceTime session with Ray followed with a visit to Dean, my neighbor. I return home for lunch only to have the lightheadedness and stomach cramps symptoms back for an hour. Half an hour later I had a visit for ED, my Big Break Regional Park Docent colleague. We talked for over two hours before Dianne picked me up to go for my local doctor appointment for the maintenance followup appointment.

I had not seen my doctor who originally looked after my chemo treatment since end of August. She is now taking over my maintenance treatment which will start mid-December. It all depends on the delivery of the chemo medication (in pill form) because of the federal registration regulation which takes time. The order was put in on 1st of December.

For now only the blood test results are in and the level of the myeloma remission looks good. However, the final decision needs to be confirmed with the bone marrow test results which should be available be latest end of next week. As to the maintenance keeping the remission in check, that depends on the monthly blood test results, showing the trend of the the various proteins, etc. For now things look good and the indication is that the maintenance should keep the myeloma in check.

In summary, today was a so-so day. It ended with a good doctor followup meeting regarding the current and future status of the cancer.