2017-12-07 Recovery Day 276

Today was another so-so day the problem being again lightheadedness and stomach cramps. As before the problem started after getting up. I only had dry toast for breakfast to eliminate the possibility of vomiting. Again, as before by 9:00 the symptoms disappeared allowing me to have my morning walk. After the walk the lightheadedness and stomach cramps returned briefly at a lower level. By lunch time the symptoms were gone for the rest of the day. BTW, my back pain is present all day at various levels. For now I will accept it, but I am looking that the pain slowly starts to get less and less.

As to today’s activities, I had a quick FaceTime call with Ray before my walk. I walked alone today because Dean has other plans on Thursday’s and Gary was not home this morning. After getting back home I watch some UEFA soccer games. After lunch Dianne drove me to the dentist for teeth cleaning, however the appointment was canceled so Dianne drove me right back home. Dianne got home a bit early to pick me up to go Grocery shopping.

When we got back home, we did a few things of our to-do list before having dinner. After dinner we relaxed and watched some TV. Before retiring to bed.

In summary, today was again a so-so day. It seems that this week I have to deal health issues in the morning that slowly disappear as the day goes on.