2017-12-08 Recovery Day 277

Today was a good day. Yes, I had some lightheadedness getting up, but no stomach cramps. The lightheadedness disappeared shortly after breakfast. For the first time in a long time I had almost no pain for the rest of the day. My shoulder discomfort is still there and when walking for a few minutes or standing the discomfort gets larger, but no pain.

Today I did not go for my morning walk since Dianne had made arrangements for someone to come between 9:00 and 10:00 to clean our gutters. Further, Alice our family friend came by shortly before lunch. She brought me lunch and we chatted for awhile catching up on things. After Alice left I started to sort out a box of computer cables. Something I had planned to do a few weeks ago but never got around to do.

Dianne got home early again, which was great since we both could go for a short walk. After we got home we also went for a short drive to pick up my medication refills. Getting back home, we did a few chores before preparing. After dinner we relaxed watching some TV, before going to bed.

In summary, today was a good day. There is not much more to say.