2017-12-09 Recovery Day 278

Today was a good day, with an exception. I still had some lightheadedness getting up, but no stomach cramps. The lightheadedness disappeared quickly. However it reappeared at the end of a car ride. It finally stopped an hour later. Like yesterday, not counting my shoulder discomfort, I had no pain for the rest of the day.

We drove, after my early lightheadedness had gone away, to Big Bear Dinner for breakfast. After getting out of the car at the restaurant I was immediately overcome by lightheadedness. After walking a bit the lightheadedness wore off. Dianne decided not to take any chances and that it is best to go home. After getting back home I had a light breakfast, toasted English Muffin and a cup of hot chocolate.

About an hour after the breakfast we went shopping for a few hours. It was an alternative to my daily walking routes. By the time we got home in the late afternoon I needed to rest. As it turned out the resting lasted until dinner. After dinner we all relaxed watching some TV, before going to bed.

In summary, today was another good day.