2017–12–10 Recovery Day 279

Today was a good day, with no exception. I had no lightheadedness getting up and no stomach cramps. Even my shoulder discomfort seemed to be a level lower and less notable.

The day started with breakfast at home. Since the outside temperature was very low for us Northern Californians, we stayed in. It was great to do so because soon after we received a FaceTime request from Dieter and Carsten, something we do every weekend.

By 9:00 I took Dianne on my morning walk. We retuned home just in time to see the Raiders game. To bad it was a ugly game as far as it goes for the Raiders. It looked like the team did not have the desire to win this all but critical game.

After the game ended, around 13:30 (1:30 PM) we all went out for a Sunday drive, dropping by at Alice’s place. On our way home, we stopped at Trader Joe’s to do some more Christmas Grocery shopping. Arriving back and after putting away the groceries, we all went for my afternoon walk. After dinner we watched a Christmas movie before retiring for the night.

In summary, today was another good day. It maybe to early to talk about a streak, so let’s not.