2017-12-11 Recovery Day 280

Today was a great day!. Like yesterday I had no lightheadedness getting up and no stomach cramps. Also my shoulder discomfort is not bothering as much as before for most of the day. At day’s end my shoulder/back pain is more noticeable which is normal

My activates today were not much different what I normally do during a workday. It starts with breakfast, followed by possible video conference call with friends or family members in Europe. Today it was Jurgen’s turn. By 9:00 I do my morning walk with my neighbors. After my walk I rest for an hour or two during which I may have one or two video conferences. Today I talked with Ray and my uncle Don.

After lunch I do either some house chores or work on rearranging/organizing my office. Today I sorted out my cable collections which is rather large because of my IT activities over the last 20+ years. In the late afternoon I go for my second walk. Today Dianne joined me. Our walk was a bit longer since I felt good. I rested afterwards until dinner time. After dinner I watched some TV movies before going to bed.

In summary, today was great day. There is not much more to say other then to wish for another good day tomorrow.

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