2017-12-12 Recovery Day 281

Today was another great day!. As to the pain and other symptoms, the are identical to the last two days, no lightheadedness and no stomach crampswhen getting up. My shoulder discomfort is there but is not bothering me as it did before and on the end of the day my shoulder/back pain is more noticeable.

After breakfast I had a Skype session with Francois. Afterwards around 9:00 I had my morning walk with Dean and Gary, my neighbors. After my walk I rest for an hour before Dean took me to the local hardware store to pick up some stuff to get moles out of our frontyard. Afterwards I made my lunch.

After lunch I rested by watching a movie during which I fall a sleep for an hour. I guess my body wanted to catch up with my sleep since I did not had a good night last night. Around 3:00 Tiffany from Sunbusters came by to give us a quote to extend our Patio Cover.

After she left Dean came over to help with apply the stuff we got for the moles. As it turns out we were not able to find the tunnel entries that were supposed to be under the same earth hills. It looks like the little earth hills are not from moles. Back to the drawing board.

Since it was getting slowly dark I went back inside and relaxed waiting for Dianne and Denise to come home from walk to have dinner soon. After dinner I watched some TV movies before going to bed.

In summary, today was another great day. I am looking for tomorrow.