2017-12-13 Recovery Day 282

It gets difficult to write an introduction when the last few days have been identical. So here we go, today was another great day, no lightheadedness and no stomach issues. Last but not least, my shoulder discomfort is still there, it does not bothering me for most of the day, except by the end of the day when the pain is more noticeable.

After breakfast I had FaceTime sessions with Paul and Ray. Afterwards around
I had my morning walk with Dean and Gary. After my walk I rest for an hour before I went upstairs to further do some office clean up until lunch.

After lunch I went outside to water the floors in our garden. I received a FT request from Don during my watering, which I answered and still continued to water the flowers. After the watering I continued with cleaning up my office until Dianne came home. Shortly after that we had dinner. After dinner I watched some TV movies before going to bed.

In summary, today was another great day. I am looking for tomorrow for another great day.