2017-12-14 Recovery Day 283

Today was a good day with no lightheadedness and no stomach issues. As to my shoulder discomfort it flared up around noon for about an hour. Taken two Tylenol got it back to the normal level. In the afternoon we got the Bone Marrow Bio results, which very a bit disappointing.

Before getting to the Bone Marrow Bio results, a quick rundown of my day. I did my morning walk with Gary, had a FaceTime call with Ray and continued to clean up my office. I rested after I had lunch when hit with my shoulder discomfort turning to real pain requiring me to take some pain medication. In the afternoon I went to my cardiologist for a Echocardiography. Getting back home I had a appointment for a quote to extend our patio cover. The rest of the day was spend having dinner watching some TV before going to bed.

As to the Bone Marrow Bio results which are about determining how much cancer is found in the bone marrow. When I was diagnosed 80-90% of my bone marrow was cancer. There will always be some minimal amount around 3-5% after treatment. In my case 5-10% of cancer was found. For now both UCSF and my local doctor agree that taking Revlimid should over time bring the amount of cancer down to the 3-5% level. Because of the higher level I will be subject to monthly blood draws to ensure that the level does not increase.

In summary, today was good day. The bone marrow results were a bit disappointing, as they say, “It is what it is”.