2017-12-17 Recovery Day 286

Today was a good day with no issues, except my shoulder discomfort which is hanging around.

Today my day started with going out for breakfast with Dianne. Returning home Dianne joined me for my morning walk which took a bit longer since we added a block to our route. Getting home I rested for a bit before Denise took me for a ride to the book store so that I could shop for a few Christmas presents.

Denise and I returned home just in time for lunch. After lunch Dianne started her Christmas cookies baking. We all, Denise and I, pitched in helping with the measuring of the ingredients, cleaning up dishes, and preparing plates for the neighbors. It took us the whole afternoon. Lucky we only do this once a year.

In summary, today was a busy but good day. I am positive that this week will be full of good days to enjoy Christmas.